18.9.2017 -  9 puppies born, 6 males and 3 females

1.1.2018 last one found his famile

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We haven't had time to do that yet... :) 

We were born to our mum Messie and our father Alf. Each of us had a weight of around 400-500 grams and everyone was surprised how all of us could fit in our mummy's belly. As we heard, we are pure Appenzellers with a pedigree which should give us the certainty of being healthy and beautiful, they say. 

When we finally appeared in this world , our mum was pretty shocked, but in just a while she was smiling at us, gave all of us a big lick and let us drink her milk. Eversince, we cuddled to her and she was cleaning us, warming us up, protecting us, end even gave us a belly massage. We slept a lot and ate even more, all around, again and again. It was quite tough to find own teat. We did not see anything, did not walk and just curled around.

Our human family did their part as well. We lived in the living room and they were constantly cleaning and changing our diapers, took care of our mum and cooked specials for her. However, slowly mums milk was not enough for us and so we started to drink from a bottle. It was super hard to learn to do that. The humans were afraid we are not gonna make it, but eventually, we did, because we are awesome! Well, except Alan and Allie. They did not like it and drunk only mum's milk. We grew so fast that soon the milk was not enough and we started to eat mashes too. We liked them soo much that even Alan and Allie started to eat them.

Right now, we have teeth so we eat granules. We have been around for 7 weeks and are starting our 8th week. We are so big now that our lair is not big enough for all of us. The humans take us out into the garden and can't even carry us so we moved out of the living room into the basement.

It's so cool over there, we can choose where to sleep as there are 3 liars and a lot of space for running and playing. When the humans open the doors and we can run out into the garden. There is so much to explore! Sometimes it is cold there, but out liars are close by. We like playing outside, tease each other and even fight time to time. But in a while we are friends again, cuddle together and lick each other's bellies. 

What we truly love, are visits. Once someone appears at the doors, we excitedly run towards to welcome them, while wiggling our little tails. We like to cuddle with humans, jump into their armful and flood them with our love. They like it too, they pet us and talk to us. Once they start, we quicken and listen to what they say.  Then we get the best sleep ever!

Our human family says, it is time for a new friends to take us to their homes, that were were born to make happy also other people. We do not know what is awaiting us but it could be fun! We still need vaccination and then we will be ready to go and see the huge world. We are sure our human family will be sad to see us leave, but we are cool and are going to make it. We are looking for new adventures and we are excited to learn new things. What our new family will be like?