It is three and half month since birth and all of the puppies are happy in their new families, where they are well taken care of. We wish them good luck all the best in their new families! At the same time, we decided to keep one of our puppies. The lucky one is little Alan, who thus becomes a new member of our family....

After the first eight weeks of our little ones, we welcomed a visit from the Czech club of Swiss mountain dogs. The puppies were checked and were found to be beautiful, chubby and perfectly healthy. All of them meet the breed standard criteria!

Today it is exactly one month since the birth of 9 little puppies. The time flies teeth start growing and the little guys start biting each other. They curiously run around and explore their surrounding. All of them are healthy and enjoy life.

Yesterday, on 18.9.2017 we welcomed 9 little babies to this world. Messie gave birth to 6 healthy dogs and to 3 healthy bitches. They all now drink mummies milk who is really tired but content. Tomorrow we will post a few photos. :)

Sonographic screening confirmed that Messie is pregnant and together with Alf z Krásné Jasné expect puppies. It will be our first litter and it appears it will be a numerous pack. The expected day of the birth is 21. 9. 2017. We accept preliminary orders.

On the 8.3.2017 our kennel has been successfully registered into the register of kennels under the internationally protected name 'of Moravian Valley'.